Back in Black.....sburg.

You can listen to this while you read. Friend, for the next year I'm going to be in Blacksburg for ministry! It's still weird thinking about it. This ministry called Cornerstone Christian Fellowship has impacted me in ways I probably don't know yet and for some reason, I'm here for solely ministry. I am thankful.

Coming to the decision dragged my heart across the world. You think I'm kidding but my work had me look at places around the world. HAHA. Countless times, I would pray asking Him for some provision, some aid, etc. because I had no clue how I was going to support myself throughout the year. I never made a decision like this before. I was setting back my "career" for another year. Now, I know you may think it's nothing but hey, it's important to me!

Anyways, I had an internship this past summer; I loved it. I genuinely loved it. I was able to pick at different passions at engage in them. Heck, I enjoyed being able to buy things that interested me too. I picked up a few hobbies out of vending machine and I popped 'em open. T'was great... Honestly, it was my first time in years putting money into my saving account. I supported myself a good bit throughout college and them evil loans, but I was constantly taking money out of my savings. So putting money back in my savings was a freaking huge milestone. I had this feeling of giddy-excitement rising up inside me as I pressed "transfer." It felt like I came a long, long way. All my most dramatic moments were lumping together in my throat. Man.... I was reminded of the moment where I had $0.03 cents and skipped a few meals before dipping into my savings. Guys, forced fasting is the worst.

Now, I wasn't in poverty and my intention is not to be ignorant to those that actually are. Sometimes, it felt that way but I wasn't. I could splurge on some clothes if I budgeted and I had a family that supported me. If you're asking why? It's because I had this blinding pride that wanted to say I'm always okay. HUGE LIE. Thankfully, God has been chipping at it throughout the years. I had this huge misconception that autonomy = maturity. It's not.

If you agree with that, I ask you question why.

I never admitted it, but I wanted to be my own God. Thankfully, God has pruned me a bit.

Guys, working is nice. It is! I felt like I thrived outside of being in a church-saturated environment, you know? Not as if I had thrown away religion but because it felt like my faith had sincerely become, well, my faith. Moving forward, I'm not entering a full time job in most eyes. I know my finances are tighter but I believe this. God's will, God's bill. HAHA. Things might be hard, but smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.

Constricting? Maybe. Impossible? Nah.

I trust our God. Seriously. Money is awesome. Let me tell you about one of my favorite moments this summer.

Employee: Guacamole is extr-

Me: Yes.

I HAD POWER TO GET GUACAMOLE WITHOUT WORRYING. I want to plug in "for the love of money is the root of all evil." HAHA. Thankfully with ministry on the roll, I'm reminded of that passage. I've been prepping my finances for the year and hopefully my budgeting will work out.

I'm not kidding. Here's a brief finances sheet of food I made a little while back I use for reference.


Bahahaha, I've lost my train of thought.

MY POINT IS.............

I was reminded of how in light of eternity, nothing lasts forever except something Special. I'm thankful, don't get me wrong! My work liked me enough to give me a part time job, so I'm able to support myself a bit! That moment they gave me an offer, I wanted to cry. I acted calm when they told me.

"Hey, thanks. I'm excited to work with y'all"

but I was shouting on the inside.

Now, I won't deny support though. HAHA. 

Holy. The point of this blog was to talk about staffing. I guess I am.

TL;DR I'm providing myself as a resource to students, helping in discipleship and teaching of leaders, and most importantly, trying to glorify God in all things.

I'll be updating you guys from here!