Where did the past few months go?!

"I wish there was more time in a day."

This thought runs through my mind daily.  

I wish I had more time to:

  • pick up some hobbies
  • drink good coffee
  • read awesome books
  • play with Herschel
  • be a good son
  • drink bad coffee so I know what good coffee tastes like
  • learn to dance

Contrary to my energy levels, the list is non-exhaustive.

It blows my mind that people have different preferences and passions. I like watching big groups of people. In a gathering of people, you have interests and quirks that go across the board. I know I'll never fully know each person even if I tried to but I think there is some wonder in that. If we were so finite, life would be lame.

Being able to come together is beautiful.

1/800 | 6.3 | 100 iso | 24mm

1/800 | 6.3 | 100 iso | 24mm