Life is Life.

I'm intrigued by photography on the daily. The hardest part for me is trying to specify what I want to pursue when there are so many options. The other week, I fortuitously picked up a Nikon F3 from Craigslist. 

1/4000 | 2.8 | 160 iso | 24mm

1/4000 | 2.8 | 160 iso | 24mm

It's beautiful. It's sleek. It's not an iphone but still. It's nice.

So what the makes F3 great? Everything! This film camera started production in 1979 with industrial / automotive designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro. Think Ferarri. The F3 was the first camera to have the red accent. If you have a DSLR, take a look. Thank that guy.

Also, to continue geeking, the beast was NIkon's first professional level camera with electronic shutter controls. This affected its sales because no one trusted electronic shutters when mechanical shutters worked and were reliable. BUT, this innovation allowed the camera to shoot in aperture priority. 

An exposure finder on this camera was added with a small LCD display. For 1980's, that's a sweet deal. Along with that, the F3's removable viewfinder allows you to shoot from the hip. Hopefully, I'll be uploading some of the classic shots you see when people use their viewfinders.

I'm still new to film but guys, I'll post some film up soon. Just wait!


1/100 |  1.4 | 125 iso | 24mm