It's been a minute.

How have you guys been? 

Traveling the past few weeks has been so thrilling. I love it. I'm not good at it, but still.

I love it.

Growing with a camera these 6 months have been so fun. I remember meeting up with a guy from Craigslist at Fairfax Corner. He was a hairy dude with an athletic figure. He was selling gear to travel and pursue photography up north. I remember as he was leaving he said this.

"It's going to be a good time."

He was right! I was overly paranoid when I bought my camera. I must confess... I had a knife in my pocket in case he wanted to jump me. I encourage anyone that's thinking about it to just do it! (picking up photography, not jumping a fellow)

Everything has been zooming by and I'm still catching my breath from that quarter mile I ran last month. Since Christmas, I've racked up over 3500 miles on the road, went from a warm, 80 °F to a chilling 30 °F within 24 hours, and packed/unpacked numerous times. I've enjoyed every moment of it except leaving Herschel with my family. 

1/1000 | 3.5 | 100 | 18 mm

1/1000 | 3.5 | 100 | 18 mm

Florida's beautiful.  I took a lot of photos but only want to upload a few. I've uploaded others onto VSCO and Instagram, haha. Surprisingly, I opted for my 18-55mm lens more often than my 35 mm 1.8G. Why?

  1. Most days were so bright I caught myself stopping up to a higher aperture so they were fairly sharp anyways. 
  2. A lot of the areas were scenic and I wanted to show everything. You don't always have to.
  3. I didn't want to lose a moment because I was switching lenses and the stock lens is plain convenient.
  4. There were so many people, I wanted to focus on the idea of "people" in a distant manner pun completely intended) Focusing on one was hard.

I also noticed that I engaged with my surroundings less than I wanted. In NOVA or Blacksburg, I love the 35mm because it becomes less about the environment and more about the moment.I loved the 35mm because of the aperture and the fact that it can be a fairly intimate lens. Many of my Thailand photos were up close and shot with a 35mm! 

1/3200 | 4.2 | 100 iso | 31 mm

1/3200 | 4.2 | 100 iso | 31 mm

If you've been looking through my instagram, I've made a conscious effort to play with silhouettes and trying to get photos where light slightly caresses the silhouettes. It takes away the details from the people that I thought were unimportant for the photo. For the above photo, I did zoom in a bit because the focus wasn't so much the setting, but the father and daughter.

I had a few other photos but for time's sake, I'll keep it to these two. It's been an eventful week.